2015 Grad Expo

2015 Grad Expo Program



Paper Presentations

Diego Villada, Heartwarming Stories Make Refugees the Object of Spectacle

Angela Mullins, Evaluation of Infiltration-Based Green Infrastructure Response to Storm Events in Pittsburgh, PA and Implications for Metal Flux

Kelsey West, Examining the Relation between Walking and Receptive Language in Infants at Heightened Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hector Martinez Rodriguez, Neutronization During Carbon Simmering In Type Ia Supernova Progenitors

Michael Neureiter, Evaluating the Effects of Immigrant Integration Policies in Western Europe Using a Difference-in-Differences Approach

Adeetee Bhide, Introducing Students to Research during Introduction to Psychology

Jamie Amemiya, Teacher Theory of Math Ability, Instructional Style, and Student Math Outcomes during High School

Shane Redman, Ideas or People?  The Relationship between Feminist Values and Representation


Poster Presentations

Alicia Grosso, Femoral Fracture Patterns from Gunshot Wounds in a U.S. Civil War Skeletal Sample

Michelle Elise Spicer, Advocate, Adversary, or Bystander: Are Lianas a Driver of Tropical Epiphyte Diversity?

Michael Washington, The Effects of Sequence and Stereochemistry on the Physical Properties of Biodegradable Devices Composed of Poly(lactic-co-glycolic Acid)

Fernando Zago, Inflationary Dynamics Reconstruction via Inverse-Scattering Theory